Increase your Click-Through Rate with AI

OPHI analyzes your target audience and slogan, create personalized designs of your product for your audience with AI and generate variations of different sizes for different ad slots.


Start trying Ophi by filling the form, which includes your detailed audience, strategy, goal, and slogan.


OPHI Analyze your target audience and slogans and create personalized  designs for your target audience.


When the process is complete, we will send the files as an e-mail.

Power of Colors

Research shows that even only color change of product images increases the click-through rate.

According to a study conducted at the Rakuten Institute of Technology,

 the brightness, contrast and sharpness change in the product images increased the Click-Through Rate %15.7 in 1 week.

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Mitsuru Nakazawa
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OPHI chooses the best images for your target audience.

Let’s consider a spectacle advertisement. The photograph with children caught the attention of a parent. The photograph with a model inside caught the attention of a woman who follows fashion.

OPHI analyzes your advertising target audience, strategy, goal, and slogan with AI. It compares user trends with your target audience using data from sites such as Google Trends, Keyword Tool, Trendhunter, Trends24 ex. In this way, OPHI select vision that is more likely to click for your customers. You can add the product image or OPHI can select image for you from the stock photo or illustration on the internet.

Personalized Design

Same product different style!

OPHI also decides according to the gender, age range, and likes of your audience when creating advertising images.


How it works?

You can use easily with following these steps.

Step 1

Determine your audience, strategy, goal, and slogan for your ad. Start trying Ophi by filling the form


Step 2

OPHI analyze your document and create static advertising visuals for your target audience and strategies. When the process is complete, we will send the files as an e-mail.

Step 3

Publish advertising images designed by OPHI on any ad platform. Compare ads and share reports with us.

Step 4

OPHI give better results with your feedbacks thanks for its Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

100% Compatible with all ad platforms

OPHI generate
design variations for all ad sizes

OPHI generate variations of design for use in different advertising areas.

Use All Advertising Platforms

100% Compatible with all ad platforms



How does OPHI decide?

Let’s see a 10% discount California flight ad from an airline company. Our target audiences are; Group A: Families aged 25 to 45 years with children, enjoy travel and pop music. Group B: Families aged 25 to 45 years without children. They enjoy nature trips and rock music.

Visual Selection

In this case, OPHI selects photos of California Adventure Park for group A. It selects photos of Death Valley national park, Yosemite national park, Joshua Tree national park for group B.

Design Style

OPHI selects colorful filtering and rounded font in ad style for group A. It selects darker filtering, the condensed font in ad style for group B. Style decisions may vary. Like the background color of the site where you posted the ad.

Design Rules

OPHI takes care of graphic design elements such as color, composition, hierarchy while preparing all these designs.

Your Slogan 

OPHI finds keywords that are likely to be searched by your audience, compare them with your slogans, and reports to you. 

Join us! Increase your CTR with AI.

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